Dog and baby….

Dog resting peacefully


Baby kicks, and this is the look I get


Then he acts upset, but still refuses to move




Baby is a boy.  I’m glad that I finally know :).  He is healthy and big, so all is going well on that front.

I, like lots of women, wanted a girl, but I’m equally surprised how quickly I’m changing my mind.  Boy sounds good to me.  Especially a healthy squirmy one like I’ve got in my belly.  Oh and I’m huge.  I will have to post a picture soon to prove it.  I can’t believe I’m only half way and I am already this big. I’m so screwed.


Sickness Has Come

Oh man, the flu or maybe a bad cold has hit our house.  My poor man has been knocked on his ass.  Thankfully, the faithful Hundenschmirtz (aka Pepe the dachshund) has stuck by his side selflessly.  In all truth, the dog probably loves the fact that this human is warmer than he should be and holding still for long periods of time…ideal cuddling victim.

I am at work, pregnant, and exhausted.  With the sick man getting up a billion times a night, I didn’t get much on the sleep front.  I guess it’s just a taste of the fun times to come.

Here’s hoping I can get a days work done and go home to crash on the couch.

Ps. i’m getting fatter….